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Default Re: Official Star Wars Republic Commando thread

Originally Posted by stncttr908
Tried it out for a few minutess (I've got exams to study for, you know?) and was surprised about how poorly it ran for me with the specs in my sig. I had everything on max at 1280x1024 w/no AA and 8x AF. Very low FPS.
Honestly, this game looks great and has lots of eye candy (looks better than HL2 in my opinion) so it's reasonable that your 9800pro won't be able to get 60fps max settings @1280x1024 w/8xAF. This is a very shader heavy game, but I would think the biggest reason you're seeing lower fps than you're used to you is the games heavy indulgence in bloom effects and soft shadows.. Maybe turning off one or the other of those two settings would help?


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