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Default Serious problem trying to ins0tall nvidia driver redhat 8.

I posted a thread yesterday but thought i should send a more detailed problem description:

I have a laptop that uses the nvidia geforce4 420 go video card.

X windows totally fails to run on this card when I installed redhat 8.0.

I have looked through the forums and everyone else seems to have no problems building the kernel. There is a mention of header files but I checked in /lib/modules/2.4.18-14/build/include and there appeared to be a load of headers.
I also read that the failing to load could be that the headers are a different version to the kernel binaries...if so how would you find this out?

I ran the which told me to use

I also later dowloaded the tar files, but got the same error when running make install, or installing via rpm
which is:

size nvidia.o
text data bss dec hex filename
1248062 92760 32940 1373762 14f642 nvidia.o
Warning: loading /lib/modules/2.4.18-14/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.o will taint the kernel: on-GPL license - NVIDIA
See for information about tainted modules

0: nvidia: no NVIDIA graphics adaptor found
/lib/modules/2.4.18-14/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.o: no such device

Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters.
You may find more information in syslog or the output from dmesg
/lib/modules/2.4.18-14/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.o :insmod /lib/modules/2.4.18-14/kernel/drivers/video/nividia.o failed
/lib/modules/2.4.18-14/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.o: insmod nvidia failed
make: *** [package-install] Error 255

This does look like it coule be the header problems that have been mentioned but having never had to install linux 'til now I am unsure how obtain the correct headers (whether they are in the linux 8.0 cds) or how to tell which are the right ones!

Please help, I am thinking I will have to stick with XP!
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