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Thumbs down Re: Nexus Jupiter Incident

I played it , and have Original CD , it looks nice and all but game play is crappy you don't have freedom like in HomeWorld or other similar games, also weapons are lame to do shield damage you must use one specific gun to do hull damage use another , missisle and nukes are totaly useless unleas you can manage to get enemy shields down shoot nuke , but by then you will be close with barely haveing your own shields , controls are weird , you can fly only from object A to object B or C if you like you can go to free space , youd think that in space sim you would have space to make your moves and plot tacticts of some sort nope not in this game , here your enemys are at point A you at point B and you start closeing in kinda lame , story seems interesting but unusuall game play let me down to bad i paid for it already BAH

Oh and engine was suppose to be for next Imperium Galactica 4 but its totaly different game its day and night difference crap !!

From pics it looks like nice micro management of ships systems , nope its not its stupid commands close in, close in faster , fire , stop , move away ..... and in battles alot of times you end up in still battle where nor the enemy does enough damage to kill you nor you can do that
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