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Default Re: Official Star Wars Republic Commando thread

Originally Posted by carkis
Yeesh! I have mine set to 3. 5 was too much for me.

I'm at a part in the game that has just stopped me for now. You have a short time limit and a crapload of heavy enemies to contend with to disable a console. I had fun until this point, though. I've tried 5 times and never even got close.
Possible spoiler?

Yeah, that part was real tough. Basically I got frustrated to the point where I reloaded that level (where you take the elevator up w/ your squad) and ran like hell towards the final door before you get to the last room. I suggest using the anti-armor attachment to take out the super bots and driodikas easily so you don't waste too much time. It takes a min or so to slice the computer to get the codes so if you don't breach that door with about 1:30, you're toast. As soon as you run in take out the sentry guns on the ceiling and to the left and right of the console. As soon as you get a clear line of sight to the terminal issue the order to hack it.

I did it this way and made it out with 4 sec. to spare... whew!

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