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Arrow Custom Firefox Extension for nV News Forums

Version History
nV News Menu 1.0.1
  • Fixed invalid link to NVIDIA ForceWare Drivers forum.
    Thanks go out to forum member Kelldane for finding this bug.

nV News Menu 1.0.0
  • Initial public release.

I've been meaning to write an extension for Firefox but didn't really have a good idea of what to write. Today I stumbled across GoonMenu. My wheels then started turning and I came up with my first Firefox extension (should work for versions 0.8 through 1.01):

nV News Menu v1.0.1 updated 03.09.05 - changed link to new host at

Once it installs you will need to close Firefox. Then, start Firefox back up and the nV News Menu will have taken affect (see screenshot below) whenever you right click anywhere in Firefox (except for on an image of course).

That's about it for now. I welcome any feedback/questions/suggestions.

Hope some of you find this useful.

I might host this project at but for now it'll just be in this thread regarding any future updates, notes, etc.

Oh yeah, and for those of you that favor keyboard input over mouse input don't forget that you can just hit Shift+F10 to bring up the right click context menu. From there you can quickly bang out the access keys (underlined) of your choice. For example, to get to this "Feedback Forum" you could just do the following: SHIFT+F10, V, right arrow, W, F

EDIT: I just noticed my first bug, I've got some non-unique accesskeys (Home and Hardware Forums as one example). I'll get that fixed and updated soon.
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