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Default Re: Re: Tutorial: Playing Windows Games | Redhat 8.0

Originally posted by doom

should be


BTW, must all my .wine folders be setup in the /home/ dir. and not /root ?
Oops sorry! Changed!
Thanks doom

No but in my example I put it in /home/<user> becuase I'm the user and I would like to be able to actually play from that dir. Why? Because users don't have permission to access or modify /root nor other folders. In /home/<user> you can do whatever you want (read/write/compile/execute). I think I know where you are going hehe (not enough space in /home ?)

I never use the root account unless I have to (installing, compiling globally etc). You should not either. If you want you could create a folder .wine in /root just like in /home/<user> with all the wine subfolders), than you could change the permission on that folder to let's say 777 (being root type: chmod 777 /root/.wine) Now you should be able to use that directory instead of /home/<user>/.wine
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