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Default Re: Do I have a 5900xt or a 5900nu? (BIOS flashing)

Originally Posted by Kama
Some developments on my side:

The BIOS my card has, is, apart from the clock frequencies, exactly the same as the club3d 5900NU bios. I compared the two, and I only seem to have a different 5900nu version.
Looking at the thread "basic 59xxx bios changes" seems to comfirm it as well if I look at the 5900 bios part. The bios has a memorytiming of a 5900nu, but a memorylatency of a 5900u / 5950u. :P

Memory doesn't do 850, so I bet it has been relabeled to a 5900xt and sold as such ... still does 820 though, but that doesn't change the fact the core hardly goes beyond 400 ...

Looking at the BIOS I see I can increase the gpu voltage when in 3d ...
not without a risk ofcourse, but as long as I keep an eye on the temperature I should be fine, right? Alright, I'm off to try that out now.

Setting the core voltage at 1.5 gave me a nice bump in speed ... and temperature, in the mid 70s now in 3D, so kind of worried about that. Nevertheless a speedincrease: 450/820 atm. Memory doesn't go higher, and even though the core might, I do not feel like trying that untill I got me some better cooling.
Many of the initial production Club3d FX5900XT cards were basically a doctored FX5900NU card with, appropriate to XT spec, modded 5900nu bios.

Unfortunately however, because they were not made to same quality as a 5900nu, it is unlikely that you would achieve same results as a real 5900nu.

However, as you have already found from my 59xx bios modding guide, there are a number of improvements that can be achieved from modding any 59xx bios; including yours.

Watch those temps though, since, once you start overclocking into 5900u and 5950u territory, your card is going to get very hot !

So if you seriously want to push your card, maybe you should first be looking for better heatsinking. Or at the very least, set a high airflow fan to blow directly accross the card.
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