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Default Re: Custom Firefox Extension for nV News Forums

Originally Posted by Head_slinger
great extension!!

Does it take the forum names dynamically or is it hardcoded.
Good question. The forum names/link are hardcoded for now. (I know, yuck) I did so just to get it up and running for now. I'd like to pull dynamically pull that data but need to read up on how that might be possible from vBulletin. I would assume that the forum heirarchy can be retrieved as XML in some way. One potential downside to that, though, is that it may cause some performance issues since the XUL overlay for the context menu would basically have to get regenerated dynamically either each time you right click or perhaps have it set to regenerate only when Firefox is started. Some things to toss around I guess.

I would also like to provide an options XUL overlay so that users could customize which forums appear or not in their context menu, could just be a checkbox list for example. I'm also reading up on RDF datasources. One could fashion a pretty slick tree control with an RDF datasource containing the forum info.
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