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Default Re: Custom Firefox Extension for nV News Forums

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
I never log out of the forums, I have auto login and my password is saved aswell in teh browser yet when I intially used teh quick menu function to reach these boards, I was logged out. Im guessing it doesnt take from the same temp/cache file that normal typing/bookmarks do.
Ok, so is it working for you now? I've tried to reproduce this but haven't been able to. If you are still having the problem, could you give me a breakdown that I could follow to reproduce it? Thanks.

Glad the rest of you guys figured out how to install it. I'm waiting on confirmation of my project request for this over at If it is then I'll post the XPI file there so that it can be installed more gracefully like most of you are probably more used to.

Keep the bug reports, questions, ideas coming guys. This is for you guys so anyone that would like to make modifications to the source, please feel free. I've already received a number of PMs from folks requesting permission to use this on various forums that they frequent. This project is under the GNU Public License (GPL) so you're free to do what you'd like in accordance with the GPL.

This is really my first foray into open source development so there's a lot about the GPL and a few other things that I'm pretty much a noob about. So, I welcome anything some of you with more experience care to share.
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