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mcortz_2000: Actually I'm having a hard time finding review material to back up what you said. I can see the 2.4ghz 533fsb inching out an overall victory when using expensive RDRAM memory but not when using 333mhz DDR. Can anybody point me to some material so I can edju-m'kate myself? Oh, I should probably include the 1.8ghz (1.73ghz oc'd to 1.8ghz) in this comparison as they currently cost the same as the 1.6ghz Northwood cores (~$120). Is it just me (could very well be that I'm just not finding them) or are there a surprising lack of Athlon XP w/ KT333 vs. Pentium 4 533mhz / 333mhz DDR comparisons out there? Seems suspicious...
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