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Default [SOLVED] 6800U PCIe Issues - Summary

After reading various threads here, I realized that most people are having the same problems I do. But it seems, nobody has been able to find a solution for the major issues yet.

My System:

Asus A8N-SLI (latest BIOS)
Gainward 6800U PCIe (BIOS v.
Athlon64 3500+
2GB Kingston HyperX DDR400
CPU, GPU, Chipset watercooled
550W PSU
Driver v. 6629 (all patches applied; tried older releases as well)
Linux Kernel 2.6.9/10/11 (doesn't seem to make a difference)

Issue 1 - Freezing

This happens under Windows as well, games just freeze for about 10 sec. Tried setting 3D/2D clock speeds to 425 MHz via CoolBits which seemed to help a bit, but the freezes remain after all and occour randomly.
Stock settings were 400 MHz 2D, 425 MHz 3D. Unfortunally this is impossible under Linux. because there's no tool to do it (nvclock doesn't work).

Unfortunally, NiBiTor (2.0a) doesn't read 6800U PCIe BIOSes correctly. I tried my own backuped BIOS as well as others from, but every time either 2D oder 3D speed isn't read correctly (65344MHz for example)
I upped my BIOS here in case anyone is interested

Issue 2 - Lockups (Linux specific)

Resolutions up to 800x600 work very well. Wen I try to run 3D Apps with higher resolutions (SPECviewperf, Doom3, ... ), 3 things may happen:

1) It works. Once it runs, it runs. Rock solid.

2) Lockup. Machine sometimes reboots after 30-60 sec.

3) Crash to Desktop + display corruption (see here)

And of course, lots of "Xid" in the kernel log:
log-2005-03-04-15:19:40:Mar  3 18:09:50 [kernel] NVRM: Xid: 23,  L1 -> L0
log-2005-03-04-15:19:40:Mar  3 18:09:51 [kernel] NVRM: Xid: 23,  L0 -> L0
log-2005-03-04-15:19:40:Mar  3 18:09:52 [kernel] NVRM: Xid: 23,  L1 -> L0
log-2005-03-05-15:55:02:Mar  4 16:24:03 [kernel] NVRM: Xid: 23,  L1 -> L0
log-2005-03-05-15:55:02:Mar  4 18:50:59 [kernel] NVRM: Xid: 23,  L1 -> L0
Now that I can't do more than wait for a new driver, I'd like to have a few questions answered:

- Is NVIDIA aware of these issues? Do they know what causes these problems?
- When will the next driver be released? Will it address these issues?
- What does "Xid" mean?
- Is there a newer PCIe BIOS than available? Can't find any.

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