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Default Re: Do I have a 5900xt or a 5900nu? (BIOS flashing)

Tnx for the reply.

Overclocking was just an experiment for me. Even at 450/820 (stable, 72 C max) I hardly gained more points in most benchmarks, with the exception of 3dm2k3 (4400->4800). I'm pretty much CPU limited ... no suprise there.

But I will upgrade my system (to a lowend AMD A64) as soon as I get my tax refund, and a better heatsink for my card will be on the list now as well. Untill then I'll play on the safe side and leave my card at 390/700.

One question though ... so I assume I have a 5900NU board now, but does that require a different type of heatsink/fan combination than the 5900XT boards?
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