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Default Re: Official Star Wars Republic Commando thread

Just beat the game. It was pretty fun, although the "ending" is pretty disapointing. Hell, at least HL2 and Halo 2's endings made you excited about the prospect of a sequel, with RC's ending it's kinda like "oh, ok, I guess I'm done then". In fact there really wasn't a build up to anything noteworthy throughout the entire game. It's basically a 3-episode side game about random events in the Star Wars universe. This would probably be one of the easiest games to make an expansion pack for, since they could just make it about whatever they wanted to (after finishing up the "business" left unresolved at the end of this game).

Still, decent game, although I think it's the game's lack of focus rather than it's length that makes the single-player campaign less enjoyable than it should've been. Not to mention it would've been amazing if this game had coop, I really can't understand why it doesn't have at least a split-screen coop mode in the Xbox version (where coordination with your allies and lag wouldn't have been a factor). Oh well, it's still ended up pretty good.
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