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Default Quadro FXGo1400 benchmarks

Default clocks (no overclocking), WHQL 67.71, power set to Portable/Laptop, all the usual apps running AntiVirus/AntiSpyware/BlueTooth etc. etc.

3Dmark2001 - 18,554
3DMark2003 - 7,020
3DMark2005 - 2,688
Aquamark03 - 43,252
PCMark04 Graphics - 3,739
Cinebench03 OGL_HW- 3,323 at 10.26x OGL Speedup
Comanche4 Bench - 68.81 fps

Fans turned on 'low' a few times, and only once on 'high'.
Precision M70/15.4 WUXGA/2.13 P-M/2GB@533DC/2x100GB@7.2k/256MB Quadro FXGo1400/8xDVD/RW+-/GigaBit/DBay/View/Port/Dock/BT/SmartCard/WiFi a/b/g

Precision 370/2005FPW/3.4EE/4GB @533DC/74GB Raptor 10k SATA/2x400GB SATA2/GigaBit/256MB Quadro FX3400/16xDVDRW+-/GigaBit/BT/1394
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