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Default Re: EQ 2: Try This

Originally Posted by Killall
Tried these settings and it made EQ2 run choppier after 20mins of play for some reason..

Try the settings on that thread, got my system running good with these settings and do notice a small improvement.
Probably the Tref slowing you up, 200 3.9/15.6 is what most use and is 'accepted'. Also the other settings have a more relaxed Trcd and Trrd. I am open to trying new settings and that looks like a very low Trc. I know I don't handle 7 well, maybe 8 will work. Still I will give it a whirl. Thank you for the link.

I have found it is best to make sure your BIOS CAS setting and what you set with the Tweaker match to avoid problems.

EDIT: and here are stock nforce4 settings if you would like to try that,

Obviously folks need 2-2-2-5 capable ram to try this, otherwise I'd set 2.5-3-3-8 for general/average ram.

Those that are interested in educating themselves, go here:

EDIT part Deux:

Trc 8 will stick on my system. Added 4 to it for my Trfc and got a nice boost. Cut my Twtr and Trtw in half and it held as well. One sec faster on superPi1m with this. It works nicely for me.

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