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Default 3dmark and the 71.84 werry wierd problem HELP PLZ!!

my problem is when i run 3dmark01 ,03,05 in default and my monitor at 100hz i get this:

3dmark01 14928
03 8034
05 4107
aquamark 51,025

now in 60hz
01 18638
03 10865
05 4499
aqua 57,056

what the heck is wrong here!!!!????
the fps in games are the same with 60 and 100hz only in bench programs it's like this, don't now what to do here please HELP getting creazy

My rig:

a7n8x2.0 deluxe amd xp 220x11= 2400hz
ram 512 xms cas2
asus v9999gt 128mb (6800gt) 380/780 at this point
forceware driver 71.84
chip driver 5.10
monitor iiyama 19'
win xp pro sp2
direcx 9.0c

6800 settings:
Vertical Sync off
Antialiasing off
Anisotropic Filtering off

i have tested other forceware and chip drivers same thing,
lowerd my oc on the motherboard and the 6800 no go
reinstalld win xp pro same thing
don't now what else to do ............

btw, did run the driver cleaner with every software install.

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