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Default Re: 6800U PCIe Issues - Summary

Originally Posted by zander
@scourge: does the problem reproduce if you start a simple application like `gxlgears` first, then close it and start Viewperf right after that?

From my experience, there are 2 things that increase the chance of a crash:

1) Resolution. The higher the resolution, the higher the chance of a crash. 640x480 runs completely stable. 800x600 is ok, almost no crashes. 1024x768 is ok too, chance is 1:10. 1280x1024 is unuseable.

2) Uptime. The longer the machine runs, the bigger the chance of the crash. I can reproduce it almost every time by playing some vids/mp3s, surfing the web for a while etc. The next 3D app I start is very likely to crash the machine. After a reboot, I usually don't have any problems. (maybe some messed up registers)

These problems are Linux specific btw, Windows is completely stable. (Kernel 2.6.11, 6.8.0)
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