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Default Re: Do I have a 5900xt or a 5900nu? (BIOS flashing)

Nice link of that cooler, but it looks like it won't fit on my card ... the nv3 as well as the nv4 is designed to cover the memory chips.
And now I see my card has memory layout of a 5900xt even though the PCB number is that of a 5900nu board (the 5900nu club3d bios works fine on my card as well).

The stock cooler is worthless to be honest; even at stock voltage the temperature increases up to 20 C more within the very first minute of any 3d application (40 -> 60). So the 10 C more for 0.1 more GPU voltage doesn't seem that bad, but one intake fan is already near the card, albeit blowing air mainly on the bottom side of the card.

Ok, I'll buy myself an nv3 silencer when I order the rest of my new system ... and hopefully there is a way to take of the memory heatsinks without too much risk involved.
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