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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

I hear ya and that is what pissed me off. It was just the last two guild groups we whent on that he has done this. I cannot just slam the guy becuase he does a lot for the guild and helped me lvl up by 5 in a very short amount of time by getting every one to do instances with me. How ever I was pissed and there was a blue claymore I really wanted as a back up when my main blue sword was broken.

When I lead groups it is always set to uncommon and I set the rules before we group and everyone is happy. Basically I do what is normal. The only thing I hate is when people do not listen to rolling on chests. I also hate it when they win and take it regardless if they need it. If I see another priest take a 2H sword just to sell it, I will scream, especially when it would be a upgrade. If it isn't a upgrade I don't mind so much.

BTW the best way to make money is to auction. I know you know that, I'm just messin with ya.
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