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Default Re: post your benchmark, 6800 GT AQUAMARK 3

Originally Posted by latinmike
that great just got some new memory as you can see by my sig. and new score is 54,203 still can,t tell what kind of system you have?
sorry i must have not put my sig in correctly before that post, it should be there now..
ASUS A8V Deluxe MOBO Rev-2
AMD Athlon64 3500+ 90nm Winchester Core OC'd @ 2.6ghz
PNY-Geforce 6800gt, OCd @ 420/1150 Daily
2x512MB Corsair XMS Xpert XL series 2-2-2-5
2xWestern Digital Raptor 1x37.6G 1x74G 10,000 RPM HD
Viewsonic VX910 19" 500:1 monitor 16ms RT
ALL WATER CHILLED with swiftech mcw 6000 and Danger Den Maze -4 gpu block
Highest benchmarks
3dmark01 - 25,169
3dmark03 - 13,804
3dmark05 5,939
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