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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Let ask you guys this. I was in a duel with a 33 hunter and I am a 33 warrior. I said we will duel but leave your 33 cat out. He didn't respond but I accepted already. So he sicks the cat on me and takes the usual pot shots from afar. I then kill the cat and get him down to just under half by using retaliation. My question is WTF good is it dueling a player when they have an animal? To me it is obsurd to fight two against one. I had no chance of winning. I said why did you not leave the cat out? He said that's the way it goes and any way who cares I won. Little prick. To me dueling should be between the same classes.

This all started when we were PVP against horde out front of Stromgarde. They keep targeting me because I was the lowest lvl and this pissy little warrior 34lvl troll would just sneak around and finish me off. I said fight me straight up and he did and I blasted him since all my armor is enchanted and I have just over 2k in total armor. Any way that was when i fought that hunter. He said for me to shut up and such when all I wanted was a one on one fight with that warrior.

Needless to say we constantly kicked the crap out of the horde but they had to retreat into a NPC Orc area which was smart but stipid at the same time. The only drew more alliance around because of a quest in the area. LOL

Another time we had that warrior troll dancing around trying to taunt us into following him to a 60 rouge that was stealth. Well he turned on PVP but I had full rage from a potien and clicked retaliation and wipped him out in no time flat. My whole guild was laughing thier arsses of on team speak because this lowley lvl 33 warrior just wasted one lvl up in the same class and it was like me fighting a lvl 20 warrior. My shinning moment.

The duel still pissed me off. I just don't think dueling is fun unless you are fighting the same class. Yes I have beaten other classes and I am not that good at dueling but to say you beat someone when you sicked their pet on them is pretty dumb IMO.
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