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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

That was my point about sticking to fighting your own class. That was why I was challenging the troll. He was a warrior and a lvl up from me. This hunter didn't like that. I say don't act ****ey and say you beat a warrior with your pet. I stick to fighting warriors because it is a fair fight. He can't beat me with out the pet and he knows it so keep your ego in check and realize you cannot beat me one on one. My mistake was accepting the duel before we agreed to ditch the cat. Other wise I would not have dueld because it would be a waste of time because it was i the middle of the raid.

I dont mind losing duels cuz you learn a lot about fighting but just be a gentleman about it. At the end of the deul he said STFU I took care of you. I said ya with a cat and It was not you whom I was asking to fight it was another WARRIOR WHO WAS A LVL UP ON ME.

That stupid hunter was complaining because we would divide them up with our tactics and they keep coming back for more. They even out numbered us also and we still kicked arsse. It was not our fault they had no tactics.
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