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Default Resolution of resolution issues...

Erm , what the heck difference does it make? some ask. Well, if you are an artist trying to create a likeness it is important that the proportions are consistent. Not just on YOUR machine, but on every other users machine.

If there were to be a consensus that the 4:3 ratio was somehow `wrong` and that 1280x1024 was somehow `right` then we could all switch to the new res and have done with it. BUT, as long as the two co-exist, only one can ever be correct on an uncorrected monitor...

...and therein lies the conundrum. The 1280x1024 res is designed to offer more fill space on the 4:3 standard monitor - if you modify the monitor settings you will see that, proprtion retained, the screen is better filled at 1280x1024. Nice, but not necessary.

However, the whole argument is moot unless one has the capacity - and the software - to perform standardisation checks on monitors. I use Nokia's NTest.exe and have adjusted the monitor to be in ratio at the 1280x1024 resolution. I simply have to remember to load another monitor profile if I change to the `correct` proportion resolutions.
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