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Default Re: 5200 or 5700LE PCI?

Get the 5700LE pci but do not get the apollo brand because it appears to only have 64bit memory even though the specs do not say whether it does or not. Coincidentally enough I'm on the phone with a friend at this very moment who unfortunately bought the apollo 5700LE which is how we found out it only has 64 bit memory (he only has pci slots as well). He is returning that brand and ordering the Jaton 5700LE pci from newegg now because it specifically says that it has 128bit memory. Here's the link to the Jaton version:

The graphics card companies really need to stop confusing people with all the different variants of the same cards...there are LE, SE, XT, Ultra, GT, and various other versions of the same cards and then on the lower end you can easily get tricked and end up with a 64bit version card instead of a 128bit one because its either not specified or basicially in the fine print. So the average person has no idea what's better or not.
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