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Default Re: Geforce 4 TI 4800 SE

I just purchased a PNY Geforce4 Ti 4600 128mb AGP, well, that's what I thought it was when I bought it and that's what the sticker says on the back, but when I installed the card, it was recognized as a 4800. I installed it in my ASUS A7V board that's 4x AGP and looking at the card properties in the Nvidia settings it says it's running at 4x so I thought maybe someone flashed the bios to a 4800 but come to find out that that's unlikely. For fun I brought the card into work and installed it in my Dell Dimension 8300 with 8x AGP and when looking at the nvidia properties it said 8x AGP rather then 4x. Is the card actually a 8x 4600 or a 4800 or what? Any ideas? Anyone heard of this? I bought it off of eBay without an official PNY box and I have a few days to test it out before they won't take it back if it's bad. I can run games just fine but when I try to benchmark it with 3DMark2001SE after the 3rd test my machine reboots with the ASUS board. I've read something about problems with that stupid VIA chipset and the cards having issues downclocking to use 4x if they're 8x agp and I realize I need to upgrade but until I do, I need something that'll work well and I'd like to benchmark it but it'll restart. I'm going to try and benchmark it on the Dell at work later today on my break and see how it does. If anyone has had these problems or card or whatnot, let me know...thanks!
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