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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by vampireuk
Yeah I'm about to hit level 43 myself, last night we had no idea what those two huge dragons were so I pulled them on my mount while my guild mate checked out the stone, then she pulled them and I had a gander at it.

I think once I hit 45 our usual tank group will get the job done, that's right we do all tank groups at the moment in instances, cloth wearers slow us down. Two Paladins and three Warriors kicked the crap out of the Scarlet Monastary and Razorfen downs
Me a 60 rogue and a 42 rogue and a 35 priest and at 39 priest did scarlet monistary 3 times Wednesday. Even at my lowbie lvl I can turn realiation on and take out a 34 elite no problem. That helps if we get a agro from our priest when he runs around like a girl when he is tagged. We say STOP RUNNING! you are agroinig the whole place. He says they are on me. I say yes the are and it is your fault now just sit there and dies. We will rez you, you schmuck! Instead he runs around and we all almost get taken out but it worked out so no harm I guess.
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