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Default Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released

Originally Posted by dindin57
It doesn't work here.

signal 11 when xorg start or kdm start but when trying to log into kde, I don't see the splash screen and the computer freeze... I didn't tried to ssh the box while X was dead, I can't go in console mode.

kernel 2.6.11
athlon 2200 / shuttle SN41G2 with onboard
geforce4M :

I works fine with NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6629-pkg1 and some patches

any advise ?
Same thing here with my GF4 MX 440. Works fine with 6629+patches (2.6.11). With 7167 I can get to KDM login, but after I login X freezes before the KDE splash screen appears. The mouse still moves, but keyboard or mouse clicks are ignored. Have to reboot to recover.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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