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Default Re: NVIDIA SLI investigation

Only 66.93, 67.22 and 70.78 recognize my SLI quadro setup.

I'm running windows server 2003. yes, I enabled hardware accel and enabled dx accel in dxdiag.
Any clues?

The official 71.8 doesn't recognize the SLI either.
But in every case the above 3 drivers do recognize it flawlessly. The problem is that those drivers don't provide any of the quadro functionality.

I thought that with your investigation and trouble shooting you could reveal the secret. I want to use the quadro functionality. The drivers that provide the enhancements are the 71.84, 75.9 and 76.1. None of those recognize the SLI.

I had the same problem with my 6800ultras


Dual Opteron Dual Core 2222s (OC 3.17GHz)
2 evga Superclocked 8800 GTX SLI (650-1550-2080 OC)
16GB Ram DDR-2 ecc reg
8 terabytes (8 x 1T drives)
ex8350 raid controller card
Dual Tagan 1100Watt Power Supplies (2200W)
Sony Blue Ray DVD Burner (Vrs 3)
Apple 30" Cinema LCD at 2560x1600 (version 2)
Windows Enterprise Server 2003 64-bit
Suse 10 64-bit, Vista 64-bit Ultimate
Stacker CM server case
Deck Legend Keyboard
...& plenty of blue lights.
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