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Default Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released

Originally Posted by smthmlk.
from all of the posts ive read about this, it appears to me that it is a driver bug in which the driver spins down the fan too much during normal operation, thus higher core temperatures. As some windows users noticed, a work-around was to OC the core by 1mhz so the driver would boost the fan speed or something... I'm not sure this is the case, but it's what I gather from a majority of the posts. hehe

... Rumor has it (as posted in the forceware forum) that all new driver builds after some recent date will not have this bug. I could have been on mushrooms when I read that though
Has nothing to do with the fan. I have a 6800GT with a zalman vf700 and the fan is connected to the mobo NOT the fan header on the graphcs card.
An apart from all the other ailments commented above, it is also about 10 degrees C higher than normal.
<rant>I got it to work but doom3 and quake3 cause hardlock's. funny tho ut2004 and enemy territory work fine</rant>
Changed back to 6629 since 7167 does not offer any feature that I was missing.
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