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Default Re: Something VERY intresting to put on the news page

Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R

Could this mean the universe will never stop expanding?
What will that mean in the end I wonder?
Not really, there is a parameter lambda, in the FRW metric ( model that astronomere uses to describe the universe) which is influenced by the cosmological constant.

If it is 0<lambda<=1 , the universe there will be a positive pressure that makes the universe expand faster ( well, just if is no too dense, otherwise, even with the cosmological constant to make this positive pressure, there will be a bigger negative pressure cause by gravity that will make the univere to collapse).

If it is >1, it will (quite certainly) make the universe expand faster and faster until the light speed is achieved in a finite time. When it happens, the universe will end in a singularity ( it is not a punctual singularity, all the universe will become a 3D singularity, no time here, because time will be destroyed).

There is the case of l -1<lambda<0 in which the cosmological constant helps gravity collapse the universe and lambda <-1 , which I couldn't find in google .

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