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Default Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released

As I am no Linux expert myself and reading all these problems, I think I'd better ask a few things before installing this driver.

1. Is TwinView fixed? In 6229 and before whatever I did the tv-out always became my primary screen and my tft the secondary. Also the background image was stretched, which if I go by how twinview works on Windows, should not happen.
2. Can I attach my tv to my card while running X and will it be recognized perhaps by pressing a simple 'apply' button? Until now I had to restart X every time before I got any signal on my tv.

Thanks in advance.

(I had constant freezes, and Xid crap until I disabled fast wires and set agp to 2x on my crappy old VIA motherboard (Asus A7v133). Perhaps some could try this as well, might solve your prob )
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