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Ok... still no luck w/ twinview.... i've tried several combinations of settings, and get one of:

- no displays work
- only 1 works
- sometimes 1 works and i can exit X and restart it fine... sometimes 1 works and my displays both bo blank when i exit X.

Some details:
dual athalon 1900+
gforce4 4400

monitor 1: crt: kds ???
monitor 2: lcd: samsung syncmaster 172t (connected via DVI)

i'll attach my config file.... you'll be able to see the couple variations i've tried....

One question i have: if i attach both monitors (the crt get's the display on boot. Does that mean it should be the first monitor in the X configuration?)

Another question is where should the twinview settings be: The docs say in the screen section, but yanc and many of the examples here have them in the device section.

basically i've tried some variations of 2 configurations....
- the CRT as the configured monitor, and the lcd as the 2nd monitor via twinview
- the lcd as the configured monitor, and the crt as the 2nd monitor via twinview.

Both monitors work fine (openGL, everything) when they are the only monitor connected and they are the configured monitor in the X configuration.

Also, i'm using the newer 4191 drivers, compiled from the rpm's.

Any help would be great!
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