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Default Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released

Okay, Not too sure here what to say so ill try and get all this right,
I am running slackware 10.1 (current) on a Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop

Everything compiles fine as far as i can tell, it installs fine, etc.. looking at my links and such everything is in the right directorys as far as i can tell in the right spots.

When I go to start kde it basicly hangs the system completly I see no "EE" or "WW"'s in my xorg logs anywhere that I look that could give me a hint of some sort as to what is going on, I cant even shell in remotly its hung so badly, its that infamous black screen that ive read about a few times.

The most up to date combination of driver and kernel i can get this to work on is and 6111, I cant seem to move to either a newer driver on the or a newer kernel with the older drivers.

Since ive tried various combinations up to and including for the kernel and this 7167 version of the driver, I am starting to wonder if I accidently checked something in my kernel i shouldnt of, any idea's here for me what to look for that might be screwing this up?

One thing i have not tried that I seem a bit lost on, is using NVagp to use this do i compile a new kernel with out a module for agpgart? and change the line in the config file to force it to use it for xorg? Or do i leave it running with the nvidia module also loaded from boot? I guess ill play with that today and see what happens.
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