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Default Re: NVIDIA SLI investigation

Currently using 71.84's great in gaming and all around use.
No problems..
Corsair 400R Carbide Series Graphite Gray
Intel® Core I7-860 @ 4.0 gig
8 GB (2x4GB) Corsair Vengeance desktop memory DDR3 1600MHz 1.8V
eVGA GeForce GTX570 SC 1.2GB
PC Power & Cooling 750 SLI
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
+5V @30A
+12V @ 60A
-5V @ 0.5A
-12V @ 8A
+3.3V @ 24A
+5VSB @ 3A
pk. power=850W
HP 255 SSD
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Western Digital 1000gig -7,200 rpm (backup)
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Belkin N52 TE Gaming Pad
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