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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Priests piss me off, they care more about causing damage than they do about healing your group. In the middle of a instance you want to have a healer but no they have to stay in shadowform. Then on raids they run off looking for a level 20 to mind control and gank while we are going toe to toe with about 20 bloody horde (4 of us).
Way to go on generalising priests. Only the noob priests care more about damage in an instance or raid or just grouping in general. Sounds like you are one of the people that finds out that a priest is shadow spec and says no to them being the healer for the group. If a priest is not playing the role of healer in a group then boot them it's as simple as that but don't generalise us all. The majority of priests know that their role is going to be to just stare at life bars all day long while you actually enjoy the game so be happy we are out there. My priest is 56 btw.

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