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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by vampireuk
Priests piss me off, they care more about causing damage than they do about healing your group. In the middle of a instance you want to have a healer but no they have to stay in shadowform. Then on raids they run off looking for a level 20 to mind control and gank while we are going toe to toe with about 20 bloody horde (4 of us).

Uh. Priests Mind Control level goes up each time they level. WTf are you on about? If your inviting priests that you do not know and dont clearly explain to them that you want a healer and not DPS. Thats also your own fault. Priests can play 2 roles. And just because not all of them play healbots doesnt make them "suck". Its up to the group and the priest to clearly explain their intentions when going on an instance.

It sounds to me. Like you have generalised the class and simply dont understand the very diverse roles a priest can take. And dont complain about aggro. Complain to Blizzard. Heals generate alot of aggro. Your actually lucky to have a Priest in your group when it comes to aggro because no other class has an aggro reduction ability thats as effective as Priest. Actuallly. Aggro control takes 2 people cooperating.And I'm willing to bet the fact that your losing aggro is half way your fault as well. Damn warriors who think they are the only ones who can play their class and dont know a damned thing about aggro management.

See? I can generalise too. ;p
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