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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Heh.. Priests are the ultimate 1v1 PVP Class. You put them in a group PVP Enviroment. They are the worse PVP Class. This is because a Priest does not want attention. And groups will attack them with everything they got immediately once a priest is seen in groups.

I find it funny your complaining about Priests being unable to go after high level PC. Priests are one of the most effective 1v1 PVP Classes. And warriors die so quickly to them its not even funny. Go read the forum boards and see al "Nerf Priest" Cries because they are so bloody good at PVP. Personally I find your opinion biased and completely uneducated. It sounds to me like you group with idiots.
Funny how you turn this into a "OMFG PRIESTS ARE TEH ROXX0RS NUB" conversation when I was saying how much I dislike priests due to my own personal experiences, but sure if me poking a bit of fun at your electronic character threatens your penis in some way I shall help.


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