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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

My e-pen0s in no way feels threatened. I just felt you were portraying priests in a rather incorrect light giving an overall bad impression to people of the class. This isnt EQ . Priests have many useful abilities in groups. Shadow line is just a few of them. Most priests I have met dont even bother with Mind Control. It sucks. It usually lasts a half a second. And its required to be channeled so its not worth casting. Except under rare circumstances you have another healer and need some form of crowd control.

The Power Word: SHield line absolutely makes mages decimate creatures with their AOES. With just 8 Discipline talents a priest can fire one off every 15 seconds. Honestly, I'm surprised you can find alot of priests who like to sit back and watch health bars. Because it is by far the most boring aspect of WoW. Sure I'll do it. The few instances where its exciting to keep a bunch of people alive are offset by 95% of the time when your just droning heals for people in boring instances. Are you even doing high end instances? I dont see how if your priest is taking shadow form.
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