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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

we are doing 40+ instances at the moment since our group is 40+ the priest gets a bollocking whenever we find out he is in shadow form and not healing. To be honest if a priest doesn't want to heal in a group he should have picked a mage. Priests are very useful if the people in our group decide to play them correctly and don't screw around, otherwise they just slow our group up. Mind control is funny to watch but in a instance it gives the priest a insane amount of aggro that I have to pull off them, usually after one taunt it goes right back to attacking him. I just don't have a good impression of priests at the moment

When it comes to "control" of a crowd I generally do that, the rest attack me while the rest of the group concentrates on one at a time as I buff the group and sunder the enemy, while occasionally throwing a whirlwind or two in there.
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