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Default Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released

uh, didnt notice this forum is in english, sorry.

the same in bad english.

I have successfully installed 7167 driver on my box, compile, install,
xrandr rotate, all is working fine.

But (yes there is a but ), as an openGl developper, i have meet several problems

1/ glBlendColor make my apps to segfault

2/ I have no more shading language capabilities, neither Cg nor glsl apps works, even after recompiling them. I use latest Cg 1.3, but with 7167 drivers the drivers report that the card has no shading capabilities like if i was using an old geforce 3 card, but it is not the case, i use a FX5950, and with 6629 drivers i could use vp30 and fp30 profile.

So does anybody with 7167 have been able to use shading language capabilities, or is it a general driver problem ?

ps: In my prec post in french, i have attached my nvidia-bug-report.log
ps2 : i have read the thread and i have seen that some have temperature problems, it's not my case and the card remains as cool as before.

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