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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

My main quest partner for green and yellow quest is a priest. While I love having him with me, most the time I do all the work but I like it that way. He gets pissed when I pull a mob and then marvels how I pull it out killing 4 lvl 30s LOL. I do need him but it is still a kick to watch him squirm. Now if we can just some how get priests to stop pressing the DUMB BUTTON when they get attacked. Why is it they always run aroun like chickens with their heads cut off? I say STOP RUNNING! they say I CANT THEY ARE ON ME. I say JUST DIE IF YOU HAVE TO, we can come and do it again. The point is we have a better chance of getting through that rough patch if they would not run around agro all of creation. LOL! Other than that I won't go on a quest with out a priest. They save us from long treck back from the grave yard.
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