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Default Re: 7167 driver does not work with 2.6.11

I tried the new 7167 driver on my work machine which is running
Fedora 3 with the latest 2.6.11 kernel and it installed and runs good.

However, I still trying to get my Fedora 1 home machine upgraded to 7167. A recent post suggested the upgrading module-init-tools.

However, the Fedora 1 update archive has been frozen for about 6 months. There does not seem to be any updates available there.
I downloaded the modules.src.rpm and modules-init-tools.tar.gz files referred to in this user group. The modules-init.gz seemed to build and install. The modules.src built two modules.rpm files.
However, they reported a dependency error in the 2.6 kernel and refused to install.

I am reluctant to try to do a "nodependency" install.

Most of the time when I try that , I wreck something.
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