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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Again. A Priests only role in this game is not healing. Maybe you should go back to EQ 1. I think you'll be happier there. Blizzard clearly stated that Priests were not to be healbots when they made this game.

I think his priest issues stem to his in game attitude and that of what he represents here. Most priests arn't gonna put up with it and rightfully so. They probablly get pissed and stop healing or focus more of the energy on others in the group who deserve it. He inturn just assumes they're poor healers and have no clue in what they are doing.

A priests job isn't to keep the instance group constantly healed, it's to keep the group alive and going. If I warn a tank not to pull ahead because I need mana and they do, they die, I regen mana and I take my time to res them. If some hot headed mage nukes, pulls a bunch of aggro, he can die, I'll heal and keep the others alive and again, regen mana a res him. People become really selfish when they have a priest in the group and I have no clue why, it's really our rules if we want it to be.

If the group continues to act like that then I split. 10 other groups are waiting for a healer outside. It's the perk of being the least used class and the one that heals the best.

Oh thats right, that pally going to heal ya through that instance. rofl..
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