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Default geforce 4 ti 4200 and xfree (

i have a sparkle geforce 4 ti 4200 (128mb), and while i got it to work with windows 2000 just fine (after installing some drivers for my via agp chipset and a win2k hotfix) i have several problems using it in linux.
i got it to show 2d graphics (i.e. xfree starts), but as soon as xfree has started the textmode console is rendered useless because the characters are almost black and the screen doesn't show all the lines it should... pretty annoying...
worse is that if i use the Xv extension to enable xine to use hardware colorspace conversion and scaling it does work, but only in monochome (black and white)... i have no idea why that is, but i'd relly like to watch my color videos in, well, color ;-)
any ideas what i could do to fix those problems would be welcome... especially, does anyone else have problems with a geforce 4 ti on linux (i have an asus a7v board btw)
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