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Default Re: Which brand of 6600 or 6800 series card do you own?

Below are some of my reasons - why EVGA
Introducing the EVGA nForce3 250Gb Mainboard

EVGA's first entry into mainboards begins with the 115-K8-NF31-AX, an nForce3 250Gb based mainboard. During the development of this mainboard, we applied the same principles of quality and reliability that we are known for with video cards.

First we made sure that the layout of the motherboard made sense. We looked at how easy or hard it was to install the mainboard into a case and kept changing the layout of the various components until we got it right. After that, we examined the components that we were going to use on the mainboard and determined that the capacitors would be doing a lion's share of the work. Because of that, we made sure that our capacitors were the best we could use - in fact they are substantially better than what almost anyone else uses:

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