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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

I would have agreed that many warriors do in fact suck, my intention was not to say the entire priest class sucks as they are very useful if played correctly. We don't force the priests in our guild to heal 24 hours a day but we make them understand that when we are in a instance we need them to heal, our 4 tanks can dish out more than enough damage to take the mobs but we need our priest to be watching out for health. I don't boss people around I just inform them of what the job is before the instance starts, if they don't do the job in the instance I remind them again, if they still don't do it then I get bloody annoyed. Having 4 elites beating on you and not getting healed starts to hurt after a while.

How about we move onto something we can all agree on, warlocks suck.
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