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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

Originally Posted by Elderblaze
The only reason this game is CPU bound is it has ****ty code. There's really no excuse for it. It dosent have a great physics engine like Havok, the AI is nothing spectacular, and the overhead of a MMO should not be that massive, as we can look at other mmo's that do just as much and arnt dog slow. In conclusion, EQ2's code is shoddy ps1.1 crap written by monkeys stuck in 01.

Oh dear... someone who doesnt know what they are talking about!

Seriously, the game has a complex AI engine. Thankfully it does not require a physics engine like Havok, however the other items it uses are way more complex. Also, as you probably dont play the game based on your comments... there are certain effects that you can enable in game that require PS3. Please could you suggest another MMO that has anywhere near the graphics level of EQ2? I certainly dont know of any... and I am an avid MMO fan. If you wish to compare it to HL2 and other such games played online, then there really is no comparison, as teh databases required for EQ2 are far far more advanced and complex.

But anyway, enough de-railing of this thread!
Just want to report, that running a Leadtek 6800U OCed to 454/1265, I have no stuttering issues at all with driver release 66.93. I have tried running any of the new drivers, and all of them cause the stuttering issue in EQ2. I have not changed anything else apart from the clock frequencies and my card is watercooled. Hope this helps!
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