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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by DaveChambers
You will see at higher levels, rogues have a hard time taking out 2 mobs their own level unless they get the jump. Rogues cant take nearly as many hits as a warrior, but they do deal significantly more damage. I hate when I joined a group and they expect me to tank, it just doesnt work. I always let a warrior aggro, come from behind with an ambush or cheapshot. If I use ambush I take the aggro because of the damage Im doing to it (700+ in 1 hit, usually 1000 total dealt in the next two seconds) so then what is the warrior going to do. Yea I follow with a feint, but as soon as I hit a sinister strike, theyre back on me. Rogues have to learn how to group. Whenever I group, I always end up the main puller, which is fine with me, because a good rogue can do wonders for a group. I believe there is no better puller in the game than a rogue.
Very well stated and is the reason why I want a rogue to compliment my Warrior, so I can pic wich over one my guild needs at that quest.

WRT to you accurate about the damage a rogue and warrior put out I really dislike that. The warrior should deal out more damage along with his armor. The rougue should as it is now be able to give devistating ganks and then move on.

Again I don't mind the warrior not being a good duel charater, I just don't like it when people don't understand how the warrior is handicapped. That being said I do love tanking for a group and I piss them off when I gather up as many lvl 20s as possible. LOL They don't realize I can take them all down with just one heal from the priest and if I flip Retaliation it is all over them and throw in Sweeping Strikes and it gets messy.
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