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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by DaveChambers
Sorry, you dueled a bad rogue. My 49 rogue has never lost a duel to a warrior, and Ive beaten paladins my level, mages 5 levels above me, warriors a few levels above me. The only thing I have a hard time with is another rogue.
Most likely true, the rogue wasn't as good as I've seen but in my defence I'm also quite handy with the warrior. We just have a hard time 1 on 1, in groups we start beating down people.

Oh man we had some fun tonight, a large group of level 40+ horde attack westfall, I thought nothing of it since they usually attack there now and again, they then moved onto goldshire, then they hit northshire valley, which annoyed us. We flew in from tanaris and kicked them out of redridge

"My kills" tonight included a 51 orc warrior, a 52 troll rogue, a 42 tauren shaman and.....drum roll please...a level 60 undead rogue Now the higher levels had two of us beating on them but I'm calling them my kills since the finishing shots were down to me and my execute. In fact the 60 rogue tried ganking me several times after I finished him off only to get mobbed and beat down once again. A extremely fun night of pvp, oh and the 51 orc warrior was a feather in my cap since she was at a previous raid at the crossroads and would constantly run from me despite been at least 5 levels above me, tonight she had no place to run to.
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