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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

YA! I love those battles. I get into a few but I am still a lowbie so I stay on the outside but once I get up there I am all over PVP action.

Oh I was going to Booty Bay last night and I was attacked by a lvl 40 thing that activated my PVP, you know what I'm talking about. Any way I didn't notice it and was recovering from beating it and then a panther and tiger jumped in at the end (lucky I had greater helth) so I barely beat them. I was resting on the road when a lvl 50 rogue undead ganked me in STEALTH and his shaman and another one jumped in. I just stood there and let it happen since the out-come was going to be death. Any way I just thought to my self, why not just come up and kill me head on since you are 13 lvls above me instead of being a puss and going stealth? I don't mind being ganked, its part of the game and fun to do to other but man just start attacking me especially when he had 3 other 50 and above with him. LOL

So I started a rogue and I am dumping a bunch of stuff in my bank for him to use later.
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